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Goal setting

Dec 6, 2010

Well, hello!

My name is Franco and this is my dream. I'm a 22 year old mechanical engineering student who is about to enter his last year of college. I'm about to have my first job in a couple of weeks and I think it's about time to get serious about fullfilling my dreams.

So this is my first entry in what I expect to be a long and delightful journey. I have taken the decision to start working towards my dream: no more procrastinating, no more losing time. I've dreamed of this forever, but I keep inventing reasons not to try it hard enough so I came to the conclusion that it's the fear of failure what's holding me back. Not anymore, I have taken a decision and I will stick to it.

Today was the first and probably the most important day of this long journey. As Mark Twain once said: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started" and that's precisely what I did today. What did I do? I set some long, mid and short term goals.

Where am I at? I do know how to play basic poker. I've been playing online for a while, probably a year, and managed to be a break-even player. I don't win much, I don't lose much. But that's about to change. I started out with 50 bucks I got online for completing a quiz. Now I have somewhere around 400bucks. That allows me to play NL10, that means that I get into every table with 10 bucks. Why don't I play at a higher level? To reduce the risk of losing my money. What goals did I set? I set a little schedule on what I should be doing these days: playing at least 3 hours daily and reviewing some hands at poker forums. On short team, I plan on being able to play NL25 by mid January. I need somewhere around 700bucks in order to play at that level and I know I can do it. By mid february I'm planning on being able to play at NL50 tables. I'd need somwhere around 1500 bucks. By the end of vacations and planning on playing at NL100, and I'd need at least 3000 bucks for that. Will I do it? I have no doubts in my mind that I will.